27 February, 2010


It all started as a pastime: drawing a couple of faces before sleeping.
Numbers started to grow, so I decided to assemble them in a single sequence.
It’s the classic “quantity over quality” case.


[ Here’s the direct link if loading is too slow: http://maolu.it/in/wp-content/gallery/2010/99f.gif ]

30 November, 2009

Black II


25 November, 2009



9 November, 2009

Other small ones

Another couple of small sketches.

leo_02 sketch_01

6 November, 2009

First of 2009

Here’s something actually made this year. Just a super-quick one drawn the other evening, but I started feeling ashamed about uploading only old stuff.

5 November, 2009

Old sketches (2)

Some more form the dark past…

Maddy01 Lioness dis.jpg

21 October, 2009

Old sketches

I started uploading some thing.
Here’s a bunch of sketches, made something like 3/4 yars ago…

Various sketches with a pigGino The Cowboy!PencilProfileColoredProfile

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